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Difficult to get a loan – Help for those who find it difficult to borrow money

Getting a loan is not always the easiest. Some people find it more difficult to borrow money than others. The reasons why it is difficult to get a loan can be many, some things that can make it tricky to borrow money are for example if you are self-employed, live abroad, have no fixed income, Read More

Why do millennials not like low-interest credit cards?

Part two, of a series that contains three, the different financial challenges between those living in expensive Canadian cities and those living outside of these cities. The series also explores the generation differences within these cities based on personal finances. The data are based on a survey of 1,180 respondents by Don Camillo between May Read More

Applying for a Payday Loan can’t be easier.

  Mared Good is a project that revolves around people; In other words, these are people who help other people. This concept, called Collaborative Economy is one of the pillars of Brockaloan. Request a payday loan If you have requested (or at least tried) to apply for a bank loan, you will know that the Read More

Can I have more than one mortgage loan?

You already have a mortgage on your home but you need more liquidity, so your reasonable question is if you can have more than one mortgage loan. Of course, only you have to take into account some details about a second or third mortgage. Several mortgages can be constituted on a house, since the mortgage Read More

Family launches the first tool that predicts loan approval

Good Finance family, the online financial services comparator that also calculates the credit score, launches a prediction tool that helps free of charge to know how probable the granting of loans and other financial products is. Through this new service, your Clients will be able to insert their data and know immediately what possibilities they Read More

What is the grace period of a mortgage loan?

  What is commonly called the grace period of a mortgage loan occurs when it is established as one of the conditions that there is a time interval where it is not necessary to pay the loan installments. At first glance it seems that this of not paying fees for a certain time is the Read More