Month: June 2019

Mortgage Loan: Predictions Following The RBAB Rate Cut

As announced by the creditors. on November 5, 2013, the RBAB lowered its key interest rate yesterday to its all-time low of 0.25% (it was 0.50% since May 2013). . Newspapers announce it as a surprise drop (no analyst had predicted this decline), yet Joseph K. had analyzed, anticipated and announced this trend in a Read More

What is the grace period of a mortgage loan?

  What is commonly called the grace period of a mortgage loan occurs when it is established as one of the conditions that there is a time interval where it is not necessary to pay the loan installments. At first glance it seems that this of not paying fees for a certain time is the Read More

Find Out How With Credit Redemption Avoid Over-Indebtedness?

The rising cost of living, the economic crisis have resulted in many households in an almost endless cycle of debt. How to get out of this inextricable situation?   Why overindebtedness? Unable to save, individuals or households do not hesitate to subscribe several credits to buy a car, a house, make trips, ensure the higher Read More